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Classroom preparations

Classroom preparations

Tuning an upright piano for a music classroom in an Elementary school

The Ritz Carlton

The Ritz Carlton

Tuning a Steinway for Johnny Depp during his stay at the Ritz Carlton presidential suite during his trials.

Yamaha C7

Yamaha C7

Tuning, regulating and voicing a Yamaha C7 for the First Baptist Church of Highland Park

Climate control system

Climate control system

Newly installed Dampp Chaser climate control system in a Steinway model B.

Eagle Bank Arena

Eagle Bank Arena

Tuning a Yamaha C7 for Arijit Singh's concert.

Kawai baby grand

Kawai baby grand

Easing keys on a Kawai baby grand to rectify slow and sticking keys.

Baldwin upright

Baldwin upright

Hammer repair

Hammer repair

Repairing loose hammers

Yamaha action assembly

Yamaha action assembly

Repairing the action on a Yamaha studio upright



I leave behind stickers for the kids after each tuning.

Removing an upright action for repairs.

Pianos have over 12,000 individual parts so it is important to keep such an intricate instrument maintained.  Most of the components in your piano are made of wood and go through expansion and contraction during seasonal changes which alter the tune and performance of the piano.  Having a technician every 6 months will ensure that the piano is in tip top shape all year round.  

Installing a climate control system helps keep the piano in its own little eco system regulating the relative humidity level year round. 

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Proud to announce that I am now certifie


I am a professionally Certified Piano Technician. I am qualified to tune, regulate and repair your piano.  I understand that your sound comes from how comfortable you are with your instrument.  That's why my focus is to tune and regulate the piano to the players needs.  My goal is to help my clients create beautiful music and optimize your pianos performance!

In most cases the piano must be inspected in person to provide an accurate estimate.  Sticking keys and other repairs must be quoted upon inspection.


Serving Northern Virginia

and surrounding areas

Basic tuning - $225

It is recommended to perform a basic tuning every 6 months. Pianos that have been on an irregular schedule or have missed a couple sessions may require a follow up tuning to reach complete tuning stability. The starting pitch will be measured with an electronic graphing device to confirm if this fits your tuning needs. 


Pitch Correction - Must be inspected

Pianos that have not been tuned in several years will lose string tension over the years and will require a major pitch correction / pitch raise. In order to properly tune the piano all the string tension must first be pulled up to specifications with several passes and then a fine tuning will be performed. In certain cases it may take several follow up basic tunings to "catch up" from years of missed tunings and to completely stabilize the tuning. A pitch correction is an add-on to the basic tuning service and the cost of this service depends on how far off the pitch is and how many passes are required to bring the pitch up to standard pitch (a440hz). 


Comprehensive Full Service - $1500

This service is very popular amongst my clients that have not had a technician service the piano in about 10 years or more. This service covers all of the important aspects of the piano from a technicians standpoint to maximize the pianos potential and have it sounding like a proper piano again in one service visit and is designed and packaged to be more cost efficient than choosing each a la carte service item. There is so much more involved in piano maintenance than just tunings, and I am excited to educate and demonstrate this with all of my clients. This is basically a "catch up" service so it will get the piano caught up with all the important services, adjustments, and regulation work that it has missed over the years. This includes, but not limited to: Inspection and diagnosis, tuning with pitch correction, hammer voicing, easing of all keys to prevent and rectify sluggish or sticking keys, basic action regulation to eliminate any lost motion or excessive play to restore proper key response, pedal regulation, repair most minor issues discovered during service that do not require replacement parts, lubricating important bushings, contact and pivot points with proper piano grade solvents, interior cleaning of the action, key bed and cabinets. I will perform an inspection of the piano first to determine if this service fits your needs.

Pedal Regulation - $75

Adjustment of all pedals.  This service will adjust the sustain pedal, una corda pedal, practice pedal (uprights), sostenuto pedal to correct specifications. Clean and lubrication of all pedal joints is included as part of this service.  

Basic Voicing - $250

If your pianos tone is too bright this service will provide a more soft, rounder tone and improve sustain. 

Soundboard cleaning - $200

Grand pianos will collect dust on the soundboard, bridge and tuning pin area.  This service will clean the dust in all hard to reach areas,  especially the soundboard which can not be accessed due to the strings being in the way. For upright pianos the cabinet will get cleaned and all keys removed to clean the entire key bed from years of accumulated dust and dead skin cells. 

Exterior clean and polish - $200

Detail cleaning of the pianos exterior.  Gloss black pianos will get polished and waxed,  satin and natural finish pianos will get cleaned and a special solvent applied for satin or natural finishes. 

Pre-purchase inspection - $150

If you are purchasing a new or used piano and would like a second unbiased opinion from a Certified Piano Technician. This inspection goes over the piano from a technical standpoint and should catch any issues it may have. All inspection findings and notes will be on the invoice and can be used as a negotiation tool with the seller.  

Piano moving prep (grands) - $150

On grand pianos the action assembly should get "locked" before it is moved to prevent damage and loss of regulation within the action.  Since grand pianos get tipped over on its side during the moving process, gravity no longer keeps the keys, hammers and action components in place and in sync.  I will completely remove the action assembly to lock the entire action from the inside.  This will prevent the hammers from flopping around and the keys will not be able to dislodge from the rail pins during the move.  I will also remove any pencils, paperclips and debris that is usually discovered inside so none of it will jam up the action assembly during the move.

The "unlock" procedure will be free of charge if a tuning is scheduled post move

eGift Card

Give the gift of music!  Digital eGift cards are completely customizable to fit your budget and service needs.  

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The Piano Life Saver System is an internal humidity control system that is engineered to protect what is arguably the world’s most complex musical instrument: the piano.  By having a Certified Installer install the unit you can rest assure that it is properly installed on your prized possession and you take full advantage of warranty claims and repairs if ever needed. 

Estimates may vary on the piano: 


Dehumidifier systems start at $500

Complete Dehumidifier/Humidifier systems start at $850

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