Love your guitar but feel its time to give it a makeover?  Did you accidentally knock over your prized instrument and end up with a broken headstock or scar in the finish?   

Whatever the issue is bring it over!   I love crazy projects. 


I offer services that are literally too much to list.  Here are some of the more popular services that usually come across the bench.

  • Restring and Setup

  • Pick up replacement

  • Full or partial refret

  • Electronics diagnose and repair

  • Finish repairs and touchups

  • Full refinish;  Nitrocellulose, Polyurethane, Oil, and more

  • Lifting bridge

  • Nut and saddle replacement;  bone or synthetic

  • Replacement hardware upgrades

  • Cracked body, neck, headstock repair

  • Custom reshaping and routing

  • Replacement binding or retrofit binding

  • Custom builds

Most services will require an inspection of the guitar first to determine cost.   

General cost for most guitars:  

Complete setup starting at $75+cost of strings, floating bridge or tremolo add $15. 

Full refret $350

Full refinish starting at $500



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