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I have always been passionate about music.  I learned the piano at a very young age and picked up the guitar when I was old enough to learn about rock n roll.  Throughout high school I played the upright bass in the concert band and formed a rock band to jam with friends in the garage and various talent shows.   During this musical journey I learned to play various other instruments as they all fascinated me.  My wife is a classical pianist and studied in piano performance.  We're just a typical love story of how rock meets classic.  We hope to provide a strong musical influence to our two daughters. 


I've spent over 15 years in the automotive service industry.  With my strong technical background and my love for music came this new journey.  I started out providing guitar repairs to my fellow worship band members at church.  Being musically multifaceted I started accepting more and more repairs and requests to fix various instruments.  Before I knew it I was repairing and customizing guitars for musicians all throughout the area,  building custom snare drums,  tuning and repairing pianos and even earning a certification as a Piano Technician.  I've traveled to various states to build custom drum booths and sound enclosures.

Not a day goes by where I don't look back on my journey and realize how truly blessed I am.  With a humble heart I am truly thankful to everyone that helped me get to where I am now... and I look forward to what my future holds.  


E. Paik Custom Shop will always be here to serve all musicians.


Guitar Luthier  Piano Technician  Drum builder

Eddie Paik